My Torrens MBA Helped Me Get A Promotion

Andrew Goodsell
“Torrens is a good learning environment” Andrew Goodsell MBA Student.

MBA students come from all walks of life and work in a range of different sectors. The only common thread is a desire to improve their knowledge and skills.

Andrew Goodsell is Manager – Strategic and Sustainable Development at Moorabool Shire Council in Victoria. Overseeing a team of 10 people, Andrew helps guide the environmental and planning aspects for the council to ensure it continues to be one of the best places in Australia to live.

MBA News sat down and asked him about his MBA at Torrens University.

When did you start your MBA?

I started my MBA in 2015 and I expect to complete the course in late 2017.

What is the most rewarding part?

Class engagement is rewarding, the lecturers are passionate, and I receive prompt feedback in class on assignments, key readings and foundation ideas.

There are good networking opportunities available through the course, and the course facilitates good engagement which is important for an MBA.

It’s interesting to meet others in the course and develop an understanding of different working environments, and also gain a bigger understanding of management from a variety of viewpoints.

Engaging with a range of people expands your thinking and your own abilities. There are some students who commute from Papua New Guinea to attend classes!

Why did you decide to do an MBA?

Ultimately, it’s always been my goal to do an MBA – it was just about finding the time. Of course, upskilling for future management positions was a drawcard, and the units matched with skills required in my current role. Now that I have the capacity – time – I decided to begin study. The ability to link further study to my current work is attractive.

How has it enhanced your career?

The study is applicable to my current role, especially as a leader; the course has assisted me in managing staff, assisted in my work processes, and boosted my communication skills. I’ve learnt more about statistics, accounting and economics. It’s also helped me to get promoted. It’s clear an MBA assists your future job prospects; the costs and benefits are clear.

Why did you choose Torrens?

I originally started the MBA via correspondence with another school. I have studied at the Planning Institute of Australia which is linked to Chifley Business School, where I am completing the degree. I moved to Torrens for its class structure; I wanted face to face lectures for at least one day every two weeks, which Torrens provided, and the purely online course did not.

I liked the people involved in the course and the University, and the costs and benefits were clear from the outset. There were also specific discounts which made the course more affordable.

Torrens University’s Melbourne campus is conveniently located in the CBD at Little Collins Street.

Any advice for students?

Torrens is a good learning environment. My advice is – like any academic environment – stay on top of the readings and workload, begin main assignments well in advance of being due, and aim for consistency in effort.

I tend to allow two hours a day for reading and study, with more on weekends; generally allow 20 hours a week.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

General Manager

What is your dream job?

Not sure. Possibly Council CEO in a Council with a progressive agenda.