Just Go For It – How Linzie Is Making The Most Of Her Melbourne Business School MBA

Melbourne Business School MBA Linzie Lee is achieving her C-Suite dream
Melbourne Business School MBA Linzie Lee is achieving her C-Suite dream

An MBA can be so much more than a learning experience. Often one of the most valuable assets you take with you after completing your degree is a strong network of business contacts and friends.

And just like the theory and practice learnt in the classroom when it comes to building networks – you only get out of it what you put in.

While a relatively young MBA at 27, Linzie Lee was determined not to let the opportunity pass.

“Get involved as much as possible. There are activities at the school from social clubs to groups which will support your career development. Just go for it, the relationships you will forge will be invaluable,” she said.

This support carries through to the workplace.

“Whenever I have a problem at work, I turn to my network. They are a highly valued source of ideas. The connections with different industries give you amazing insights.”

Linzie’s decision to do a part-time MBA at the Melbourne Business School was built on her desire to forge a career in the C-suite. To do so, there were two options: working long and hard for in-role experience, or a formal qualification to fast-track her ambition.

The opportunity to build a network was an important factor when choosing where to do her MBA. Having worked with Melbourne Business School alumni previously, she knew the high calibre of people that she would be learning with.

“The board members at Melbourne Business School are also active in industry – and have good links into businesses,” explains Linzie. “This means that course content and case studies are interesting and current. It also encourages exploration of a wide range of career options as students progress.”

Having started out as a consultant in superannuation, Linzie intended to stay in that field as she progressed. However, a short time after starting her MBA she was headhunted in-to a business development role, then a month ago was headhunted again by a pharmaceutical company to head up strategy.

“It has changed my career path – my background was very different. Before the MBA, I never would have looked at strategy with issues around diversification and new markets.”


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