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MBA Fees in Australia in 2018 Topped $50,000 for the first time

Average MBA Fees in Australia In 2018 Top $50,000 For First Time

Average MBA fees in Australia have recorded another strong increase in 2018 with the standard course now costing more than $50,000, up nearly 12% in three years.

MBA News has identified more than 50 MBA courses across the country ranging from Melbourne University’s Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA) at $121,800 down to the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) MBA at $29,700.

Average standard MBA Fees in Australia increased about 5.6% from 2017 to 2018, with the average program now costing about $51,163, up from $47,500 last year.

After increasing from $44,200 in 2015 to $44,866 in 2016 and $47,500 in 2017 the average MBA for full fee paying domestic students increased more than $2,500 in 2018.

Current year fees for the country’s most expensive (non Executive) MBA, offered through Melbourne Business School, have not been released. The University of New South Wales (Australian Graduate School of Management) MBA was up more than $6,000 to $87,820 with Macquarie University’s Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) leaving their full course cost of $80,000 unchanged from last year. University of Western Australia and Monash University rounded out the top five.

There are now only 10 MBA programs for less than $40,000.

MBA Fees 2018 – The Full List (Domestic, Fee-paying students)

University/School/Provider Estimated Total Course Fee
University of Melbourne (MBS) – Senior Executive MBA $121,800
University of Melbourne (MBS) – Executive MBA $98,500
University of Sydney Business School – Global Executive MBA $97,500
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA (Extension) $95,040
Monash University – Executive MBA $95,000
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA Full Time $87,820
University of Melbourne (MBS) – MBA $85,470*
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA (Executive) $84,135
Macquarie University (MGSM) – MBA $80,000
Bond University – MBA (Executive) $79,695
University of Sydney Business School – MBA (Full-time) $75,000
University of Western Australia – MBA Full Time Intensive $73,500
University of Technology Sydney – Executive MBA $71,808
Curtin University – MBA (Advanced) $71,200
QUT Business School – Executive MBA $68,112
Monash University – MBA (B6016) $65,600
University of Sydney Business School – MBA (Part-time) $63,000
University of Technology Sydney – MBA $62,784
Bond University – MBA (Professional) $60,318
University of Adelaide – MBA $60,000
QUT Business School – MBA $57,600
University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBAX $56,520
University of Western Australia – MBA (Flexible) $56,500
Bond University – MBA $56,373
Curtin University – MBA (Global) $54,400
La Trobe University – MBA $54,300
La Trobe University – MBA (Online) $54,300
Curtin University – MBA $53,400
Griffith University $51,750
Australian National University $50,832
Deakin University $50,580
RMIT University $50,400
Australian Catholic University $50,112
University of Wollongong $49,968
University of Technology Sydney – MBA in Entrepreneurship $48,024
University of Western Sydney $48,000
Ducere/University of Canberra $47,745
University of South Australia $47,700
Swinburne University of Technology $44,767
University of Newcastle $44,700
University of Queensland – MBA $44,320
Edith Cowan University $43,000
Southern Cross University $42,000
Australian Institute of Management $40,200
Charles Sturt University $40,056
Federation University (12 course) $38,250
Victoria University $37,500
Murdoch University $36,360
Flinders University $35,319
University of New England $34,820
University of the Sunshine Coast $34,200
University of South Queensland $33,645
Torrens University / Chifley Business School $31,350
University of Canberra $30,450
Australian Institute of Business $29,700


The fees listed are provided as a general guide only. They have been sourced from publicly available information or individual universities and business schools. In relying on the list above potential students should be aware:

  • The fees were sourced in December 2017 for students commencing in 2018 but may change in the future at each school’s discretion; and 
  • Where schools have not provided full degree fees MBA News has made a judgement on the full degree costs based on information available. For instance, many schools provide on indicative annual fee for degrees which take 1.5 years to complete. In these cases MBA News has used current year indicative fees extrapolated over 1.5 years (ie $30,000pa x 1.5 years = $45,000); and
  • Current fees for units (variably called courses, subjects, credit points etc) may increase in the future before the completion of your degree, increasing the overall cost of your degree; and
  • The fees listed may or may not include incidentals like textbooks and other learning materials. In the case of study tours these additional fees can be substantial.
  • Fees for international students may be different; and
  • While all care has been taken to ensure their accuracy please consult your school on your full fee liability before commencing your MBA.

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