AGSM MBA student receives honours at International competition

Aaron Walker (MIT Sloan), Felipe Kovacic (AGSM), Christopher Rector (Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business)
Aaron Walker (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Felipe Kovacic (AGSM), Christopher Rector (Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business)

Felipe Kovacic, AGSM and MBA (Executive) student, has come out with a second place finish at the International MBA Sales Competition and Conference organised by MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School.

Felipe and his team of fellow business school students from Stanford Graduate School of Business and Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business, competed in the annual event which was designed to challenge and engage the skills of the world’s top business school students.

Invited to join whilst on an exchange program at Tuck Business School in Dartmouth, Felipe participated in a number of real-life selling situations designed to explore his sales skills under the evaluation of professional judges.

Felipe credits AGSM’s exchange program for the opportunity to experience alternative outlooks within the business world and highlights the importance of the networking and relationships formed during and after his MBA studies.

“On returning to Australia or going elsewhere, you can apply the different perspectives you have gained from the wider experience you have been exposed to and take a much more productive approach to doing business”, Felipe added.

“For me the classroom is only half of the MBA, the other half occurs outside where the consolidation of relationships and friendships is fundamental, as well as working on the network for when you graduate”, he advised.

Ben Ready
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