Australia Ranks Highly for International Students Studying Abroad

international students abroad

New research shows that International Students rank Australia highly in terms of options for studying abroad.

Financial services provider Remitly has revealed that Canada is the number one location people are looking to study abroad in, having topped the wish-lists of 36 other countries.

The research analysed where students in almost every country around the world are searching to go university.

Australia was the most searched for destination for studying abroad by international students in eight countries including from New Zealand.

international students abroad

Canada was ranked first (36 countries), Spain (13), England (10), Japan, France and the United Sates (9 each), and then Australia (8).

Remitly said that Canada stands out as the preferred option due to its perfect blend of top-rated universities, friendly locals and breath-taking scenery.

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The research also revealed Harvard as the most searched for university in the world, followed by the University of California, Los Angeles and University of Oxford.

The Remitly statement said: “Studying abroad allows students to broaden their horizons by exploring new cultures, languages and gaining valuable experience. It’s great to see that studying abroad is a possibility again, and that there appears to be appetite for it, as we believe in diversifying talent and making it as easy as possible for brilliant minds to learn where they can shine brightest.”

international students abroad

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