MBA Guide

MBA News Australia’s MBA Guide is a one-stop shop for information about all of Australia’s major MBA schools and programs. The Guide is designed to provide prospective students with a strong understanding of the options available to them in an easy to navigate and informative style.

An MBA is a serious undertaking which will require a significant financial and personal investment. Choosing the MBA that is right for you can ensure an enriching and positive experience which helps you grow personally and professionally. Choosing and MBA that does not fit your lifestyle or career goals has the potential to waste significant time and resources.

Our MBA Guide has been built as an authoritative source of up-to-date information about each school and each program. Business schools are highly competitive in their pursuit of students and constantly looking to upgrade and enhance their programs with new features.

We aim to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape to give you the most comprehensive range of information available. We also understand that everybody is looking for something different from their MBA experience and everybody has different personal and financial circumstances so we have endeavoured to provide information in a fair and balanced format.

Our MBA Guide is broken into  sections

Program Profiles

Our Program Profiles are designed to provide you with a strong understanding of the program’s intent, its structure and some of the key facts and figures.


Rankings are an important part of assessing business schools. Schools continually strive to improve their ranking against their domestic and international competitors. We provide an overview of the various rankings.


Accreditation by leading management education groups is another important benchmarking system for business schools. We overview each of the major systems.


Australia is a  big country and deciding where you do your MBA can be as much a decision about lifestyle as career enhancement. We provide a breakdown of where each MBA course is offered.


A quality MBA will require a significant financial investment. We provide detailed analysis of the various costs associated with each program .