Australia’s Best MBA Development Programs Revealed

Across the world big businesses have taken on the responsibility of moulding tomorrow’s leaders through MBA development programs.

MBA Development Programs are fast-track programs within companies to develop and groom high-potential MBAs for future leadership roles. They vary from one program to the next as each company tailors its programs to specific needs like structure, duration, experiential experiences, function focus, rotations, mentorship and coaching or on-the-job and formal training.

MBA-Exchange, an organisation formed to support MBA students from education through future careers recently released their fourth annual ranking of the most popular programs among MBAs in Australia and from around the world.

“There are a lot of interesting changes that happened from last year and it’s intriguing to observe how interest of the students for different programs changes from year to year,” MBA-Exchange Project Manager Zana Zidansek said.

MBA-Exchange ranked 546 development programs based on the 241’649 views between April 16, 2017 and April 15, 2018.

Their findings discovered Australia’s top development programs:

MBA Exchange also revealed which industries across the world were the most popular with MBA students:

From 2017 to 2018, Amazon was still the most popular program provider followed closely by Johnson & Johnson and Siemens.

Global companies including Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan, Danaher and Roche climbed significantly in popularity, ranking in this year’s top 10 program providers after previously ranking 13th, 14th, 35th and 55th respectively.

Applying for an MBA Development Program

“Remember that MBA Development Programs aim to make outstanding leaders
out of the people who are leaders already,” Ms Zidansek said

MBA-Exchange advises students to:

  • Provide solid evidence of leadership qualities
  • Avoid a technical CV
  • Showcase initiative, leadership, drive, people skills, 
resourcefulness, humility, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Research the programs and identify the right ones for you
  • Demonstrate a perfect fit with your target program (hard skills, soft skills, as well as personality)

Ben Ready
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