Bond University MBA Graduate Brings Affordable Modular Living To The Gold Coast

Bond University alumnus, John Christie is transforming the Gold Coast housing market with the introduction of affordable, modular dwellings.

Bond University MBA graduate John Christie is looking to become the next big name in the Gold Coast Housing market by creating a new range of affordable, modular dwellings.

The dwelling will come from ModnPods, a company Mr Christie established in 2016 to provide modular and container-based building options for residential and commercial customers.

Since landing in the housing and development industry, ModnPods has provided buildings to customers in New Zealand, Fiji, and across Australia. However, Mr Christie will now focus his attention closer to home in the booming Gold Coast property market, where the median house price stands at $622,000.

“I’m really basically trying to build up the Gold Coast first,” he said.

“I would like to be the leading manufacturer for affordable housing, specifically granny flats, and then break into the commercial industry.”

The modular-style dwellings by ModnPods are built certified to meet Australian standards, come fully-assembled, and once council-approved will be placed on land as a secondary dwelling.

A ‘ModnPods’ approach to housing: modular design for maximum product and affordability.

Prices began at $31,000 for an open plan 20-foot unit, which could be upgraded to include a bathroom with toilet, shower and vanity, for $35,000. Prices for a 40-foot unit began at $50,000, including one bedroom and a kitchen. Two-bedroom units cost $55,000.

Mr Christie said he was motivated by the desire to provide an affordable housing option.

“On the residential side, I saw the housing prices rise. The really noticeable ones were Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast.

“I personally want to help out and contribute something, and I want to keep it affordable,” he said.

Mr Christie’s company had its foundations set during his time studying the Bond university MBA program, where he also worked closely with the Bond’s Transformer program, an entrepreneurship program offered as a fee-free, extracurricular option to undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines.

He said Transformer provided him with access to marketing support, and legal and contracting advice.

Mr Christie said he was also keen to prove that entrepreneurs did not have to leave the Gold Coast to make their business a reality.

“There’s quite a few people starting businesses here, I think it’s a little more difficult, but you don’t have to go to Sydney or Melbourne. I loved the Gold Coast, I wanted to stay here.”

Greg Peake has been a journalist since 2010 and has covered stories for a range of industries including local government, sport, property development and education. Greg joined MBA News in 2016.


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