Boston Consulting Group scope AGSM MBA talent

AGSM MBA (Executive) Program students have been given access to some of the best and brightest minds in business with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) hosting a series of breakfasts as part of the course’s capstone Strategic Management Year (SMY) residential program.

The most recent breakfast, hosted by BCG staff and AGSM alumni Michael Schniering, Simon Moore and Paul McNamara, covered the topic, ‘How do I grow a business?’

BCG staff shared with students what it’s like to work for a major consulting firm and provided advice around how to manage work-life balance in the consulting industry.

The SMY is the final stage of the AGSM  MBA (Executive) Program and is focused on applying course knowledge to solving the problems facing  a General Manager, whether in a large established organisation or in a  small entrepreneurial start-up.

130726 boston consulting AGSMThe program uses a problem-based learning approach together with a continued emphasis on self-directed learning supported with comprehensive materials. The face-to-face learning is concentrated into four intensive learning blocks of between 4 and 5 days  where students live ‘in residence’ at the AGSM Building in Sydney.

AGSM MBA student Michael Gannon said the opportunity to talk candidly with fellow AGSM alumni at BCG was invaluable.

“Having all been recruited from the AGSM Careers week, they also provided tips to cohort members that are considering a career change,” he said.

“Most importantly from a personal viewpoint is the time BCG has taken to attend the breakfast. It is a clear indication that BCG holds the AGSM MBA (Executive) Program in high regard and as a great source of talent!”

BCG Recruiting Coordinator, Maisie Pahl said the company is excited to partner with the AGSM for the SMY breakfast events.

“These events are an opportunity for students to spend one-on-one time with consultants to learn more about a career in management consulting and BCG.  The AGSM is a great source of talent for BCG and our ranks include many AGSM Executive MBA alumni,” she said.


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