MBA Education Takes Giant Leap Forward Into A Holographic Future

Imperial College Business School showcases a holographic panel discussion during its ‘Women in Tech: The Inside Story’ event in London…and LA…and New York.

London’s Imperial College Business School has blurred the line between reality and science fiction for university education, by hosting the world’s first live lectures delivered via hologram.

The technology was adapted by Imperial College Business School’s Edtech Lab after being originally developed by Toronto based hologram company AHRT Media. within one of Imperial’s lecture theatres.

Its capabilities will enable a business school’s lecturers and tutors present to students via a hologram link and appear as 3D, life-size entities from studios located in a variety of global locations. Rather than simply projecting a pre-recorded message, the technology enables those appearing via hologram to engage with their audiences in real-time, responding to audience reactions and taking questions via a camera link in the same manner as if they were physically present in the lecture theatre.

At this point in the hologram technology’s development, these locations reportedly include the US, Canada and Singapore.

Imperial College Business School Edtech Lab Director David Lefevre said introducing hologram technology to the classroom will break down the limitations of traditional teaching by creating an interactive experience that benefits both students and academics.

“Rather than replacing or reducing real-life lectures, the hologram technology will provide greater flexibility for academics by enabling them to continue teaching whilst travelling, ensuring consistency and quality for students.

“The technology will also widen the scope for Imperial to invite global leaders and influencers from industry to give talks to students, therefore enriching the learning experience,” Dr Lefevre said.

The hologram technology was recently debuted during a special event hosted by the business school called “Women in Tech: The Inside Story”, which featured a number of guest speakers including Google Woman of the Year Marily Nika, TechGirlz Founder Tracey Welson-Rossman and Trilogy Global MD Diane Morgan.

The speakers, however, were located across Los Angeles, New York and London, and were present at the event thanks to the new hologram technology.

According to the Financial Times, the technology is significantly cheaper than other alternatives on the market because its software enables holograms to be created using a standard broadband internet connection and conventional cameras and projection equipment.

The hologram technology will also allow business schools to host lectures in multiple classes and locations simultaneously, as well as discussion panels and round-table events with a mixture of both in-person and virtual speakers present.

The hologram is the latest addition to the catalogue of technologies currently employed by Imperial College Business School’s

Imperial College Business School will begin teaching its students with the help of holograms during the current 2018/19 academic year.

Ben Ready
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