Ex-F1 driver Nicholas Latifi gets green light to study MBA at London Business School

Ex-F1 Driver Nicholas Latifi Gets Green Light To Study MBA At London Business School

Former Formula 1 driver Nicholas Latifi has hung up his gloves to try his hand at a course of a different kind: an MBA.

The involuntary sabbatical after losing his seat at Williams this year has forced some introspection for Latifi, deciding that the next step in his career will be launched off-track at London Business School next month.

In a personal statement made on Instagram on Tuesday, the single-digit points scorer insists that this won’t be the end of his involvement in racing, but changing lanes to pursue business has been at the back of his mind for some time.

“Growing up, I always had a keen interest in the world of business, and I always said it was something I would’ve studied at university had I not gone the racing route.”

“With that in mind, and knowing I might be taking a break from racing, I decided that I want to pursue an MBA degree and focus on something that would transform the next phase of my life.“

“An MBA was always something that I had contemplated doing post-racing life, even if that had been into my late 30s and early 40s.”

The son of billionaire Sofina Foods CEO Michael Latifi and Saputo heiress Marilena Russo, it’s safe to say that business acumen eclipses driving ability in the family. Their ties also extend to the automotive world, with Michael Latifi’s investment company Nidala owning a A$380m stake in supercar manufacturer McLaren.

Prospective MBAs will likely find solace that an ex-F1 driver found the application process arduous – although jostling for a position at a prestigious university was evidently an easier task than claiming a spot on the F1 podium in his 3-year career.

“I began devoting my time to researching business schools and seeing which ones would be a good fit, preparing an application for them, and studying for the GMAT.”

“This was not an easy process and took many months! Anyone who has experienced the journey of applying to a business school knows how difficult it can be.”

Boundaries between Formula 1 and high-profile business schools have been blurred for the second time this year. Mercedes-AMG team boss Toto Wolff was appointed Executive Fellow and Guest Lecturer at Harvard for their MBA program in May.

Will learning from failings on the racetrack translate to success in the boardroom for Latifi?

Luke Greensill
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