Fly-in fly-out manager using MBA to influence the industry

Grant Wise
Grant Wise

Queensland fly-in fly-out maintenance manager Grant Wise has not let the long distance stop him from taking his first steps towards an MBA with Griffith University.

Taking full advantage of the program’s flexibility, Grant uses any spare time he has during the Monday to Friday week at the central Queensland mine, combining online study options with intensive classes on the weekend.

“It is working brilliantly for me because I’ve an hour and a half on the plane to read and do nothing else. During the week I’m away from my family, so I can lock myself in a room and study without interruptions. Most of my good work is done up here or on the plane.”

Since beginning his studies in July 2014, Grants says his employers at NRW, a leading contractor to the Australian resource and infrastructure sectors , and Griffith University have been extremely supportive.

“Starting study was daunting but at the same time I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve really got into the reading and have been learning subjects outside of my core business. It’s been a great eye-opener.”

Working in mining for almost 17 years, Grant first began his trade in WA, before moving onto coal mines in NSW, New Zealand and then Queensland. Currently running a workshop on a dry-hire contract, hiring equipment to the mine owner, Grant hopes his MBA studies will help him develop a stronger understanding for managing a business.

“I manage the on-site business and through the MBA I want to build on this experience and learn how to run a business. I’m looking to step up the professional ladder and get to a point where I can enter the corporate side of the business. I want to influence the industry.”

One key area where Grant hopes to apply his MBA knowledge is sustainability.

“It’s going to involve thinking differently, thinking a little more for the future than we have done. As an industry we’ve got to think smarter.”

Ben Ready
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