How To Be Successful When Studying An MBA

    business skillsThe benefits are numerous for professionals who study a Master of Business Administration, but the world of business is not without its challenges.

    This is also true when studying an MBA, which means students and future business leaders have the best chance of succeeding if they begin their MBA journey with the right set of traits. Professors and employers also carry with them expectations on the MBAs they interact with, so it is important to consider the following characteristics.

    Honesty. It is an important value for everyone, but at the level of MBA student, being honest means passing classes and business projects with integrity and this will carry over in the workplace. Honesty, or lack thereof, can illustrate a person’s reputation in business or personality in networking situations, so it is important that the world sees this trait in an MBA-educated individual.

    Professionalism. Assignments, presentations and examinations should be thoroughly documented and developed in an impeccable manner. Students should assume that their work is addressed to the Board of Directors of their current employer or potential employer. Approaching all forms of study with a high level of professionalism will ensure that the same standard is applied in the workforce.

    Respect. Good MBA students respect their institution, faculty and fellow students. Not everyone learns at the same pace and has the same experience, so it is an important value to implement during your career. Respect is a highly responsive trait and will carry a student far in life.

    Teamwork. There may be MBA students out there who say, “I work alone”, but the business world often demands that we work with people in order to succeed. Being willing to work with others, share experiences and act like a team player when necessary can strengthen relationships and lead to better office synergy in the future.

    These traits may not necessarily be available in the MBA curriculum, but committed students will be able to adopt these characteristics over time. Such characteristics will help an MBA student make impact in the workplace, become an agent of change for their organisation and society, question and challenge the normal way of doing things and become a key leader for their company, family or organisation.

    There is a strong weight over the student of MBA, as society in general needs professionals that impact, delight in the positive and be agents of change. With characteristics like these, that weight becomes much lighter.

    Ben Ready
    Ben Ready founded MBA News in 2014 and is the Managing Editor. He is a former business and finance journalist with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and Dow Jones Newswires in London. Ben completed his MBA in 2012 and was awarded the QUT GMAA Entrepreneurship Prize. He is also the founder and Managing Director of RGC Media & Mktng (