How to earn an MBA… and keep your family

150316 study family balanceStudying an MBA while working and having a family can be a tough juggling act, but it’s not impossible.

Although tough, achieving a work-life-MBA balance is about looking into all the roles in your life and keeping a healthy balance in areas that are important to you.

AIB Graduate Ann-marie Colangelo had to learn how to manage her time and resources completing her MBA while maintaining her full time position at a national customer service centre.

While admittedly challenging, Ann-marie successfully completed her MBA and has never looked back, crediting it with helping her understand and implement improved company processes.

She’s just one of the many MBAs offering important tips for applicants looking to balance their studies with their life outside of school.

Here are some helpful tips to get the balance right.

Find the program that best suits you
There are many MBA programs offered around Australia and its crucial that you find the one that will work the best with your situation. Whether that means part time or full time study or looking for weekend, after hours or online options, there is a program to suit everyone.

Schedule ‘off-duty’ time
It’s important to designate off-duty time each week – some for yourself and some for you family. This time must be free of work and MBA study and be solely dedicated to time off.

Be realistic
When organising try to allot more time than necessary for your work, family and study deadlines. Overestimating how much you can do will add extra stress and you’ll be more ineffective in the longterm.

Set short term goals
Set yourself small, achievable goals each week—this can help in motivating you to get things done. You might have an assignment due on a Monday, and a child’s party to host on the weekend. You can make it your goal to finish the assignment by Friday, by working at it a little bit each evening throughout the week, so you can head to the party stress-free.

Ann-marie Colangelo discusses her MBA journey with the Australian Institute of Business below.

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