MBA alumni launch student support fund

Some alumni from the Australian Graduate School of Management UNSW Business School have unveiled a new philanthropic fund to help support third year MBA students.

The AGSM Cohort C Business Fund will help students in the Strategic Management Year (SMY), the capstone year of the MBA (Executive) Program. The fund will provide financial support to cover residential feeds, as they cannot be deferred through FEE-HELP.

The fund was launched by Cohort C, which is comprised of some alumni from the AGSM MBA (Executive) Program who met during their Strategic Management Year in 2013.

The members of Cohort C share a strong passion for supporting the community and together have already raised more than $4,500 for the Sydney Children’s Hospital last year.

“We saw the incredible value of the SMY and wanted to pay it forward” said Cohort C representative Claudia Teal.

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience that no one should miss out on”.

Fellow Cohort C member Alistair Pape added: “The last thing we want to hear is that an upcoming entrepreneur, business leader or change agent was unable to complete or had to delay their MBA (Executive) due to lack of finances.

“For those of us who have experienced the SMY, it’s a life changing experience that gives you lifelong friends and opens you up to a worldwide alumni network.”

“We hope this is the beginning of something bigger than us, a legacy that can create lifelong perpetuating value for the AGSM alumni community.”

Please support Cohort C by donating before 30 September 2014. Any contribution will make the difference to a future AGSM alumnus.

To donate a tax-deductible gift to the fund – call +61 (2) 9385 3202, email or visit the website.

(Please quote reference PS36388, so we can direct your gift to the relevant fund. If giving online, please add reference PS36388 in the field “I want to give to”.)

Ben Ready
Ben Ready founded MBA News in 2014 and is the Managing Editor. He is a former business and finance journalist with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and Dow Jones Newswires in London. Ben completed his MBA in 2012 and was awarded the QUT GMAA Entrepreneurship Prize. He is also the founder and Managing Director of RGC Media & Mktng (