Australian-First Conference set To Future-Proof MBA Education

mbaus conferenceMelbourne Business School is getting ready to hold an Australian-first conference designed to connect MBAs in the region with powerful thought leaders and business professionals this August.

The 2017 MBAus Conference will be led by speakers Aesop’s CEO Michael O’Keeffe, Eventbrite General Manager Phil Silverstone, Salesforce Regional VP Robert Wickham and Rhonda Brighton-Hall, the CEO and Founder of the think-tank, mwah.

As the key speakers, they will help steer the conference towards creating a collaborative community of MBAs in Australia and New Zealand and show how valuable the degree can be for preparing future leaders to tackle business challenges.

As Australia’s first MBA-exclusive conference, Co-founders Emma Young said MBAus will provide a unique platform for companies and motivated MBA candidates from around ANZ to discuss issues affecting the future of organisations, such as diversity in the workplace, globalisation, the future of innovation and ethical data analysis.

“We aim to bring together established and emerging leaders to share best practices, discuss solutions to common issues, engage in leadership development activities and promote a strong network,” Ms Young said.

EY Global Growth Markets Leader and Melbourne Business School board member Annette Kimmitt, who will also be the conference’s opener, will discuss how diversity, innovation and leadership are critical aspects of success that an MBA provides for employers, students and the community.

“We have identified three ‘force multipliers’ that can contribute significantly to accelerated growth.

“The first of these is a strong community,” she said.

“The second point is having an authentic purpose.

“The third force multiplier is about having a flexible, adaptive leadership style.

“When a company grows, its leader needs to evolve too…Work on the business instead of in the business,” Ms Kimmitt said.

MBAus is the initiative of MBA candidates from Melbourne Business School, the home of Australia’s first MBA and executive education programs.

Melbourne Business School Dean Professor Zeger Degraeve said he was excited by the possibilities and opportunities that may emerge from the conference.

“We all need to strive for excellence. When Australian companies realise that the best business students have an MBA, reputation and awareness will increase,” he said.

“Collaboration is an essential quality of future leaders so please take this opportunity to grow your network by connecting with MBA candidates from schools other than your own – who knows where such connections could take you in the future?”

The inaugural MBAus conference will be held from 25-27 August 2017 in Melbourne and will welcome current and past delegates from across the 42 MBA programs in Australia.

To download the conference program or register for the event please visit:

Ben Ready
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