New Learning Platform Underpins AIM MBA+ Overhaul

    New Learning Platform Underpins AIM MBA+ Overhaul

    The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has unveiled a number of enhancements to its popular two-year MBA+ program, with more condensed units and a comprehensive overhaul of its online learning portal providing students with a simpler, more effective way to learn.

    Under the re-designed program, students will be able to complete individual units in eight weeks, down from 12, while also benefitting from a new learning management system that provides asynchronous access to all unit materials in one simple platform.

    The new platform and structure will be available for all students enrolling in the July intake and was developed following an extensive course review process.

    A number of units have had new content added to ensure the course stays relevant. A team of academics and practicing consultants ensure all MBA+ topics are regularly updated with the most current pedagogy. This review process looks at new and emerging technologies and trends and the impact they will have on the focus area of each unit

    AIM Director of Education Janene Barrett said the new learning platform provided students with a more engaging, consistent interface and structure across all units.

    “We want students to concentrate on the course material to maximise their learning and achieve value out of their MBA,” she said. “Providing a consistent learning experience is critical to achieving that goal.”

    “Our students also told us they want a much more contemporary look and feel to the platform so we have made sure it meets those expectations.”

    AIM worked closely with industry partners and a team of learning designers to simplify the process to access MBA+ course content and ensure it was fully mobile, tablet, and PC compatible.

    New Learning Platform Underpins AIM MBA+ Overhaul

    Ms Barrett said the new unit structure provided students with a simpler self-paced model that incorporates highly focused lectures, relevant and modern readings, and key academic models.

    “In undertaking the re-design we were conscious that students were frequently time-shifting their learning so instead of sitting down for a few hours on the weekend they were using their lunch break at work, before work and evenings,” she said.

    “To reflect this, we made sure all the unit content is available broken down into 10-15 minute blocks to maximise management of time for the busy working professional.”

    Students utilising the online course will also now have access to four, two-hour interactive consultation sessions per each seven-week unit.

    “These interactive consultation sessions allow students to speak directly with lecturers and peers. These sessions occur throughout every unit and allow students to discuss key topics and academic theories, as well as get to know your peers better and address any assessment concerns.”

    Students enrolled in the AIM MBA+ have access to 24/7 academic support 7 days per week. This allows the learner to study and be supported at times suitable for their needs and enables them to study to change their life instead of changing their life to study

    Each AIM MBA+ student receives a MBA+ Gold Card which will give them five years of benefits such as:

    • AIM Coaches – AIM coaches map your study plan, review resumes and recommend short courses and goals to make the most of your masters and maximise your success beyond your degree.
    • Short Courses – Build on your master’s degree with specialised skills development on-campus or online designed to enhance your professional growth. Choose from over 70 complimentary short courses.
    • AIM Lounges – Australia-wide access opens you up to workspaces where 20,000 professionals come together to work, network and collaborate each year.


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