New UQ Program Takes The ‘Crisis’ Out Of Career Change As 80% Of MBA Students Ready To Pivot

UQ Accelerate Your Career

After a highly successful trial in 2020 to support a growing number of executives looking to change career, The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School will offer its popular Accelerate Your Career program to MBA students and alumni.

The interactive program was created when UQ Business School learned that a staggering 80% of their students were looking for some kind of career pivot.

UQ MBA Director Associate Professor Nicole Hartley said while many students intuitively knew they needed to make a change to their career, many were unsure about what that change looked like and how to implement it.

“There are a lot of ways people can be paralysed about their career and what to do next,” Dr Hartley said. “We want to take some of the sense of crisis management out of the process and make it far more strategic.”

“For many of our students, signing up to do an MBA is the first step in taking back control of their career and having the power to affect change in their own lives,” Dr Hartley said.

“At a time when many are looking to transition post-pandemic or are worried about career advancement, the Accelerate Your Career program instead looks for the opportunity gaps to fast-track career progression, and how you can position for success, despite adverse times.”

University of Queensland MBA To Address Pandemic Response Ideas With Free Program
UQ Business School MBA Director Dr. Nicole Hartley

Developed by the UQ MBA’s dedicated Careers and Professional Development team, the Accelerate Your Career program is part of UQ Business School’s commitment to providing MBA students and alumni with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

UQ MBA alumna, Jocelyn Mackenzie-Ross says the program greatly increased her confidence to accelerate her next career move, “I really found the program practical and useful, especially the order of content delivery – everything built on the previous step to help prepare me to take the next leap in my career.”

Over three weeks, the UQ MBA team works with participants to provide a range of on-demand online activities and autonomous learning exercises and in person workshops that help develop a ‘Go to Market’ strategy for their next career move. The program has been designed to help participants:

  • Develop a compelling value proposition
  • Learn how to build a plan for transition or growth
  • Develop industry and market research skills
  • Decipher Resume and Cover Letter myths
  • Learn how to get the most out of VMock, UQ’s AI Career Assistant
  • Connect with MBA students and alumni

The program culminates in providing participants with a career toolkit, and mindset, to take the next big steps towards achieving career goals.

The program is offered exclusively to UQ MBA students and alumni through the MBA Careers and Professional Development Team. Registration for the next intake close on April 30, 2021.

Changing Face of Executive Recruitment

The last 12 months have seen a drastic realignment of the role and responsibilities of the c-suite and senior executives. For many, the switch was flipped from growth mode to survival almost overnight. For others, the pandemic has presented the opportunity to fundamentally redefine their products, mission and purpose.

Dr Hartley describes it as a ‘perfect storm’ that requires exceptional leadership to navigate.

“Society has been turned on its head; which presents both challenges and opportunities for leaders across the community,” Dr Hartley said. “It is not just leadership that is required, but a new kind of leadership that can manage the convergence of rapid change, digitalisation and chronic uncertainty.”

“Businesses are looking for leaders of today and tomorrow who can respond to this sort of external environment and build sustainable, high-performing organisations.”

While businesses are re-assessing what they want from their executives; executives have also become more reflective about where their career is going and what they want from it.

“Many people have taken some time to reflect on and prioritise what they are getting out of their current role, what matters to them and how they can be more fulfilled either professionally, emotionally or financially by transitioning to a new role.”

“I think the UQ MBA adds value in not only helping professionals during these difficult transition periods, but as a lifelong partner with ongoing access to our careers services team, support from programs like the Accelerate Your Career option and a supportive alumni network.”

To find out more about the UQ MBA, register to speak to the MBA Team. Applications close 31 May 2021 to start study in Semester 1 and 30 November to start study in 2022.

Ben Ready
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