New UTS Executive MBA Will Offer Indigenous Pathway Option


A new Executive MBA program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has been introduced by UTS Business School, and in an Australian first, will offer a stream for interested participants dedicated to indigenous nation building.

With an intake for the UTS Executive MBA commencing in July, the program brings together the Business School’s three specialist MBAs – drawing on the School’s long-standing Executive MBA program, as well as the highly successful MBA in Entrepreneurship and accelerated Advanced MBA program. 

Dr Melissa Edwards, Executive MBA director, says that the innovative, applied structure of the newly-designed EMBA, has been created specifically to meet the needs of today’s changemakers, new business founders and strategic decision makers.

“The program has a core of learning, about a third of the program, which is what you’d expect in a traditional MBA,” Dr Edwards said. 

“The benefit of the new program is that it gives greater flexibility in enabling people who want to be transformational leaders – whether they’re in the corporate or public sector or by building and scaling their own ventures.”

The rest of the program is focused on specialised learning or ‘streamed learning’ where participants can select subjects within three key streams focused on Corporate Transformation, Entrepreneurship, and a third stream dedicated to Indigenous nation building.

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UTS Executive MBA director, Dr Melissa Edwards

“The corporate transformation stream is for people who want to focus their change-making efforts within existing corporate environments – be it technological, cultural or organisational change, or product and service transformation,” Dr Edwards said.

“The entrepreneurship stream is for those who want to focus on setting up their own enterprises or in scaling up ventures.

“The third stream provides an opportunity to focus on nation building which is an innovative Indigenous-led approach to governance and economic development.”

Pathway for Indigenous Nation Building

The nation building stream has been developed and delivered by UTS’s Jumbunna-based Indigenous Nations and Collaborative Futures Research team, led by Professor Daryle Rigney. The team has extensive local and international experience in research and practice with Indigenous nation building, and the incorporation of this knowledge within the EMBA is representative of the UTS’s long-standing commitment to Indigenous education and research.

This stream deep dives into four key areas, focused on Indigenous Nation Building and Governance, Indigenous Economic Development and Finance, Indigenous Leadership and Changemaking, and Strategy and Risk.

The EMBA curriculum is designed as a mix of core subjects and electives and a set of integrated stream subjects that build student’s capabilities and confidence as they progress through the program.

A total of 72 credit points are required to be completed with the course normally completed on a one-year, full time basis or 14 months to two years, part time. 

The flexible modular structure of the EMBA program allows students to study the program in stages, leveraging online and immersive, interaction-rich in-class learning.

Brenton Gibbs
Brenton is a contributing writer to MBA News Australia. He is a director and co-founder of communications, content & creative agency RGC Media & Mktng and editorial manager of Fixed Income News Australia.