Responsible Management: The Future Of Leadership?

With increased demand from society and business for responsible leadership, AGSM @ UNSW Business School is positioning MBA graduates to lead with purpose and make a positive and sustainable impact. 

What kind of leader do you want to be? In an ever-changing world, businesses are increasingly on the search for individuals who appreciate the importance of environmental, social governance (ESG) priorities coupled with the drive to make a difference both at work and in wider society. 

The global community is facing economic upheaval in many arenas, from energy and climate change through to supply chains and technology. This presents both challenge and opportunity for the next generation of leaders.  

And while the world has witnessed increased levels of consumer awareness, and demand from employees and investors to take ESG seriously, we still need leaders who can reimagine their organisations through responsible management practices.  

“Companies know that those that can’t meet the pace of transformation with an ethical and sustainable mindset are likely to be left behind,” said Associate Professor Michele Roberts, Academic Director at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at UNSW Business School, Sydney. 

“Solving and facing these issues are becoming more of a component, not only in MBAs, but in the executive education sphere. It is becoming impossible to run a successful business without being strong in ESG, so there is a huge push for talent who can lead sustainably.” 

Demand for responsible management is not just coming from business. More and more, prospective MBA students are coming to AGSM @ UNSW Business School with aspirations more in line with sustainability and inclusion. 

“This push for responsible management from students and industry alike has certainly led to different career outcomes than we may have seen five years ago,” explained Associate Professor Roberts. “Based on this, AGSM has been deepening our commitment to principles of sustainability, ethics, and inclusion in our portfolio of MBA Programs.” 

“We have recently embedded these principles of responsible management across the entire full-time MBA curriculum and are in the process of doing so for our executive (MBAE) and online MBA program (MBAX) and our PhD students.” 

Completing an MBA has long been a pathway to the next step in a career. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that an MBA presents opportunities to get ahead in future-focused fields like digital transformation, social impact and change management. MBA students from AGSM @ UNSW Business School are equipped with the knowledge to successfully transition into new and emerging industries and possess the skills to meaningfully tackle complex global issues. 

“A new generation of leaders will need to address the rising concerns of consumers, while calculating risks, and making ethical, rapid decisions that are needed for their organisations to survive,” said Associate Professor Roberts. “It’s a lot to consider, and both MBA students and the executive education providers of today need to be preparing the best they can.” 

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Responsible management is the commitment to acknowledging the ethical and environmental impact of business decisions, ensuring a positive and sustainable impact.  

AGSM is the first business school in Australia that offers a fully integrated globally responsible management curriculum throughout all its courses, as developed in collaboration with NFP The Ethics Centre.

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