The Six-Figure Return On Investment For MBA Graduates

Six-Figure Salaries Possible For MBA Graduates. Photo by Georgi Dyulgerov on Unsplash

Prospective MBA students worldwide cite various reasons for pursuing this popular qualification but for those who are determined to see a financial payoff as a result of their education investment, research from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has shown that a six-figure salary is well within reach.

The Value of Graduate Management Education study by GMAC, which gathered data from over 3,600 global participants over the course of 12 years, is the first longitudinal study of its kind, surveying business school graduates who completed their degrees between 2010 and 2021.

The GMAC study considered ROI from several perspectives, including financial returns, professional development, and personal growth.

“An overwhelming majority of graduates testified that their business degree increased their employability and earnings power, prepared them for leadership positions, and supported their desired lifestyle,” said Sangeet Chowfla, president and CEO of GMAC.

The reports findings show that 68% of MBA and business master’s graduates say going to business school supported their financial goals.

Data from the Financial Times backs up this impressive financial return on investment. Grads from the top 10 MBA programs as ranked by the FT see an average salary bump of 119% three years after graduation. The average base salary for these graduates is around $194k.

And you don’t have to attend a top 10 school to see impressive financial returns on your investment. Grads from the University of Florida Warrington MBA, ranked the best MBA for ROI by the FT, receive an average post-MBA salary of $135k. Tuition fees for the Warrington MBA are just $61,260.

These sky-high salaries are tied to the professional development that business school can facilitate. According to GMAC’s study, 85% of respondents who occupied entry-level roles before business school moved up after graduation, along with over 50% of those in mid-level roles, and a third of individuals in senior roles.

A further 25% of graduates advanced from executive roles following business school.

Irrespective of the varying goals each MBA candidate has in pursuing further study, GMAC’s study is a clear indication that business school alumni benefit from a strong return on investment, including the potential to earn a six-figure salary.


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