The true value of an MBA

130622 GMAC mba prepared for futureEach year the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) undertakes surveys of the value of an MBA across three dimensions: personal, professional, and financial. Here is an overview of the results across each of the dimensions.


Of MBA alumni from the classes of 2000-2012:

  • 94 percent say their MBA was personally rewarding.
  • 93 percent say their MBA prepared them for leadership positions.
  • 85 percent say their MBA prepared them to manage work/life balance.


Of MBA alumni from the class of 2012:

  • 77 percent of class of 2012 MBA alumni viewed their degree as essential for obtaining their first job after graduation.
  • 72 percent of class of 2012 MBA alumni are satisfied or very satisfied with their current jobs.

Of MBA alumni from the classes of 2000 to 2012:

  • 80 percent (87 percent of full-time MBAs) say their promotion came faster than or when they expected.
  • 79 percent report that having a graduate management degree offers greater job stability in a weak economy.
  • High percentages report good to outstanding career outcomes from their degrees in a variety of professional areas such as qualitative analysis (95 percent); quantitative analysis (92 percent); development of professional network (91 percent); preparation for their chosen career (90 percent); faster career advancement (87 percent); and improved job satisfaction (87 percent).

Financial130622 GMAC average expected income

Class of 2013 graduating MBAs:

  • Expected an average (median) pre- to post-MBA increase in salary of 79 percent for full-time one-year MBAs, 39 percent for executive/part-time MBAs, and 71 percent of combined (full-time, part-time, and executive) for MBA graduating students.

MBA new hires in 2013:

  • Were expected to command a US$43,000 salary premium over new bachlor’s degree recipients in the US.
  • Were expected to draw a wide range of salaries, varying substantially by job function, experience, industry, and world region. Expected media starting salary for class of 2013 MBA new hires was US$95,000 in the US, US$85,000 in Europe.

Class of 2012 MBA alumni:

  • Typically recouped 38 percent of their financial investment in the first year after graduation.
  • Recouped, on average, their full investment after four years.

Ben Ready
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