University of Sydney MBA Graduates Provide Valuable Career Progression Advice

University of Sydney MBA grads provide career progression advice

Betty Xiang, the MBA Career & Corporate Relations Manager at the University of Sydney, has been following the journey of three MBA graduates from the March 2022 cohort, who have shared their own advice on how to ensure career progression for MBA students and graduates.

Betty has been following the graduate outcomes of Catherine Olivier (Co-Founder, LeukBook, Sydney), Connor Hershkowitz (Management Consultant, ADAPTOVATE, Sydney) and Sumit Bhattacharya (Relationship Head of Operations, Tata Consultancy Services, India).

“Like many others from the cohort, Catherine, Connor and Sumit have had very different career paths but they all agreed that the MBA has taught them more than business knowledge and hard skills but the type of leaders they would like to be,” said Betty.

MBA Graduate Career Progression Advice

Networking, Networking and Networking – Catherine Olivier

“The broader MBA and University of Sydney network has been one of the most valuable contributors to my successful career progression since graduating. My goal going into the MBA was to start my own business and find a business partner who was part of the MBA network. Coincidentally my now business partner (Katrina Van De Ven) from the part-time MBA program had the same goal,” said Catherine.

Mindset Shift – Connor Hershkowitz

“The MBA set me up for a successful post-MBA career progression by instilling a mindset to constantly challenge myself while teaching me the skills to be confident that I can successfully overcome and grow from these challenges to make my career truly my own. After graduating from the MBA, I had a career change from a clinical veterinarian to managing the strategy and operations of a large veterinary hospital, and now, to designing ways of working and operational models for Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Treat the MBA as a lifelong investment in truly understanding yourself: who you are as a leader, what makes you feel fulfilled, and how you can tackle new challenges. The MBA is the time to take risks and learn in a safe, supportive environment to open up doors you may never have known existed,” said Connor.

Embrace Every Opportunity – Sumit Bhattacharya

“Take every opportunity to fully embrace what the MBA program offers to you. Enjoy and feel grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most extraordinary minds from around the globe throughout the MBA program as the learnings from this experience are life-changing. I would encourage MBA candidates to instill a curiosity for each and everything that they come across and have the ability to question why,” said Sumit.

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