University of Sydney MBA Scholarships Awarded To First Nations Leaders

University of Sydney Indigenous Australians Leading in Business MBA Scholarship recipient, Belinda Murdoch.
University of Sydney Indigenous Australians Leading in Business MBA Scholarship recipient, Belinda Murdoch.

Belinda Craig and Belinda Murdoch have been awarded the University of Sydney Indigenous Australians Leading in Business MBA Scholarship in recognition of their leadership and contributions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This scholarship aims to develop high-level leadership skills among Indigenous Australians and is awarded to individuals who have shown dedication to positively impacting Indigenous communities and industries.

Covering up to four years of part-time MBA tuition at the University of Sydney Business School, the scholarship focuses on fostering personal and professional growth to prepare recipients for leadership roles in various sectors.

Belinda Craig

With a career spanning over eighteen years at TAFE NSW, Belinda Craig has been a leading advocate for Indigenous education and community empowerment. Her roles, which include Head Teacher, Manager of Strategic Projects, and Aboriginal Education & Engagement Coordinator have enabled her to implement initiatives that improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students and foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous cultures.

As the Senior Manager of Aboriginal Education and Engagement for TAFE NSW (Sydney), Craig has played a crucial role in delivering tailored Aboriginal programs and engaging in strategic planning to support the well-being and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“Through the part-time MBA I want utilise the learned knowledge and skills to leverage and maximise the business, education, and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities and ensure that outcomes are viable, achievable, and successful.”
– Belinda Craig

Belinda Murdoch

Belinda Murdoch has dedicated her career to Indigenous engagement across a variety of sectors. As the Head of Indigenous Affairs at Laing O’Rourke, Murdoch is no stranger to facilitating meaningful change. Driving initiatives that boost First Nations employment outcomes, business engagement, and community involvement in urban design throughout her professional career.

Her efforts have earned her the Supplier Diversity Advocate Award from the Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards and the Infrastructure and Construction Woman of the Year award at the NSW ICC Infrastructure and Construction Awards.

“With this scholarship, I hope to further enhance my ability to influence and drive positive change, leveraging my MBA studies to bring innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Indigenous Australians in the business sector.”
– Belinda Murdoch

Both Craig and Murdoch aspire to harness the skills and knowledge gained through their MBA to devise innovative strategies for Indigenous engagement within corporate and educational settings.

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