University of Sydney adds new leadership units

Professor Richard Hall, Associate Dean, Management Education, the University of Sydney Business School
Professor Richard Hall, Associate Dean, Management Education, the University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney Business School has added two new core units and four elective subjects to its MBA program.

The core units to be introduced in March include ‘Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership’ and ‘Managing People and Organisations’.

The University launched its MBA in March last year with a mix of core units and electives built around leadership development as well as more traditional and technical management areas of strategy, accounting, finance, data analytics, marketing, HR and organisational behaviour.

“These additions complete our suite of core units,” said the Business School’s Associate Dean, Management Education, Professor Richard Hall. “These new units cover important aspects of leadership and strategy as well as developing vital personal, interpersonal and communications skills.”

“It is critical that managers in the future are able to think creatively, are innovative and are able to communicate across a variety of media,” Professor Hall said.

He explained that ‘Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership’ will equip students with the ability to critically analyse contemporary business issues and effectively communicate fresh perspectives.

“Managing People and Organisations will move beyond traditional HR operations and engage with the key issues around effectively managing diversity – a massive issue for managers in virtually all sectors,” Professor Hall said.

The new elective subjects also reflect the Business School’s strong commitment to experiential or “learning by doing” and cover the practical application of new techniques in operations management, decision making and the use of social technology.

“The success of our first year demonstrates that our ground-breaking focus on leadership was the right strategy,” said Professor Hall. “Our first cohort of highly talented managers are acquiring the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to our rapidly changing world and deploy the personal skills to motivate and influence others.”

“I am now looking forward to 2014 and to delivering an expanded MBA program that offers students the opportunity to accelerate down their chosen career path with an industry-oriented learning program coupled with practical business experience.”

The MBA program is currently offered on a part-time basis to students with at least three years business experience. Classes are held in the Business School’s new CBD campus at 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, which has been purpose designed to facilitate interactive learning.

Ben Ready
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