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    Completing my MBA was one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences of my life. The skills, confidence and networks I developed while undertaking my studies have opened up a new world of understanding and opportunity.Ben Ready

    Before and during my studies I realised the Australian MBA landscape lacked a definitive source of information that went beyond  raw data and gave prospective MBAs a taste of what they can really expect from their life as a student undertaking one of the most rigorous qualifications in the world.

    We hope to inspire all of our readers to the take the first step on the long road to an MBA. It will be a difficult path with some seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but we can promise you the destination is worth the journey.

    Over coming months we will continue to add exciting new content to the site as we build towards our goal of being the number one source for news, views and information about studying for an MBA in Australia. Our primary focus is building a one-stop resource for people considering undertaking and MBA in Australia.

    We are unashamedly strong advocates of the MBA and will always encourage those considering an MBA to take the leap and start the next chapter in their career story.

    If you have any ideas for stories or sections on MBA News Australia, feel free to contact me on 0415 743 838 or benready@mbanews.com.au.


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    Ben Ready
    Ben Ready founded MBA News in 2014 and is the Managing Editor. He is a former business and finance journalist with Australian Associated Press (AAP) and Dow Jones Newswires in London. Ben completed his MBA in 2012 and was awarded the QUT GMAA Entrepreneurship Prize. He is also the founder and Managing Director of RGC Media & Mktng (rgcmm.com.au).