The World’s Best MBA Providers Set To Go On Show In August With The MBA Tour To Make First Visit Down Under

Prospective MBA students in Australia will have the opportunity to meet and hear from the world’s best MBA providers when the internationally-renowned The MBA Tour visits down under for the first time ever in August.

The MBA Tour will hit Sydney and Melbourne, allowing some of the best business schools in the world to show off their MBA programs to students thinking of undertaking and MBA in Australia or at an overseas school.


The MBA Tour CEO and Managing Director Peter von Loesecke said since its creation in 1993, the tour’s emphasis has been on personal interaction between prospective MBA students, business school admissions representatives, alumni and other like-minded education enthusiasts.

“As an independent and high quality information source for MBA admissions, we have built our reputation based on representing top business schools from North America, Europe, Asia, and South America,” he said.

“The next logical step was to include institutions from Australia.

“The high-quality of prospective MBA students in Australia, paired with the excellent course offerings provided by Australian MBA programs, made holding our events in Sydney and Melbourne a prime opportunity.

“We look forward to connecting future MBAs with Australia and the world’s best Business Schools.”

The MBA Tour hosts 60 MBA events per year in over 30 countries.

University business schools included in the tour are rigorously chosen by an advisory board of peers.

The MBA Tour

“We define our brand by providing unique opportunities for personal interaction between top business schools and potential students from around the world,” Mr von Loesecke said.

When the tour hits Melbourne and Sydney, the business schools selected for the showroom floor will have the opportunity to host talks, panels, and presentations in an educational conference format that will help attending students learn more about the people and business schools present.

“This helps students select a university to suit their specific career and lifestyle goals,” Mr von Loesecke said.

Mr von Loesecke said what makes The MBA Tour unique is their insistence that business schools include full time, decision making staff as their representatives, providing prospective students the maximum interaction possible with those in the admissions process.

Attendees will the opportunity to participate in The MBA Tour’s “MeetUp” discussion as a result.

“MeetUps are opportunities for prospective students to meet with admissions directors and discuss the programs in greater depth,”Mr von Loesecke said.

“These 20 minute conversations allow candidates to learn specific program information, ask their MBA questions, and begin a dialogue with the admissions representatives that will hopefully continue through their application.”

The MBA Tour provides full service support to the MBA recruitment efforts of their business school clients, including logistics, introduction to key contacts in local markets and matching Admissions Directors with MBA aspirants all over the world.

The Australian universities joining The MBA Tour include:

The Australian universities will join a number of international schools including (but not limited to) Arizona State University, Asia School of Business, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, University of British Columbia, University of California, Riverside, University of Michigan and University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The MBA Tour will reach Sydney on August 19, 2017 and Melbourne on August 21, 2017.

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