‘World’s Fastest MBA Course’ Delivered Over Lunch

A business school graduate and comedian is taking the experience of earning an MBA to the stage in a tongue-in-cheek production promising to deliver degrees over lunch.

Steve Davis earned an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business Administration in 2010 and has also spent 20 years delivering marketing workshops in his day job.

Mr Davis plays the relaxed academic Professor Sebastian Longsword from the fictional MBA School Of MBA Credentials in the show A Lunchtime MBA, which is on now at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

“This is a bold undertaking that should titilate the higher education sector and business schools, because we’re showing you can cover the fundamentals of a Master of Business Administration in one hour, without dropping standards,” he said.

The show promises to teach “profound truths” about MBAs including:

  • How it’s not important to understand the topics from your degree but just how to talk to people who do.
  • When talking to accounting and finance people, you’ll argue profit is good and loss is bad but when talking to investors, shareholders, and the general public, you’ll be able to convince them that profit is bad and loss is good, which is covered under marketing.’

Topics covered range from economics to marketing, from HR to the internal workings of a university.

The production even has its own parody university website mbaschool.com.au where you can pick up tickets.

The show stresses that the MBA awarded by the MBA School Of MBA Credentials to audience members “might or might not be recognised by other petty, jealous universities. Their loss!”

Tickets to the show, which runs until March 19, at Adelaide’s Treasury 1860 Restaurant are on sale now.

Doug Estwick
Doug is an author for MBA News and Fixed Income News Australia. Doug has been a media and communications professional for more than 10 years, including working as an editor for News Corp's Quest Newspaper group.