CQUniversity Online MBA (Leadership)

CQUniversity Online MBA (Leadership)
Detailed Information
Business School/Provider CQUniversity (CQU)
Duration Self-paced but approximately 12-18 months. Maximum 5 years completion time.
Course Code/CRICOS Code CL39/095945J
Delivery ModeOnline Online
Commencements On enrolment
2021 Fees $19,134 Domestic
$20,664 International
Fees indicative only and subject to change.

CQUniversity MBA (Leadership) Overview

CQUniversity’s MBA (Leadership) offers you an affordable, fresh, and compelling graduate educational experience. Delivered entirely online, this contemporary course of graduate business education is designed for emerging and aspiring leaders who want to have a positive impact.

The MBA (Leadership) is intentionally lean from start to finish. Students are expected to work independently, and the course is designed to promote self-directed learning.

Course units align with industry expectations and include essential business functions, such as accounting/finance, law, marketing, economics, human resources, operations, and research methods relevant to business analysis and strategy. All core areas are supplemented with a focus on leadership in a contemporary business environment. Emphasis is also placed in developing the capacity to resolve problems, create innovative solutions, and being entrepreneurial.

Contemporary competencies in theory and business practices are developed through problem-solving and activity-based learning. Primarily, learning is directed in identifying and solving business problems and creating new business opportunities. Essentially, the MBA curriculum and attributes provide what is required to be an internationally astute, agile, and creative business leader.

CQUniversity Online MBA (Leadership) Course Structure

The CQUniversity MBA (Leadership) is hosted entirely online and self-contained, designed for you to access course content on any device with internet access.

Unit content is divided into modules which are then broken down into smaller bite-sized learning activities so you’re able to fit study around your commitments and lifestyle.

Each standard unit is designed to take 144 hours to complete, which equates to 12–18 months of full-time study. You will have up to five years from enrolment to complete the course at your own pace. Choose to spread your studies out evenly with 6–10 hours per week, do larger sections all at once on weekends or holidays, or anywhere in between – it is entirely up to you.

After enrolling, you’ll have access to the first 10 units. You can work through these in any order; however, it is recommended that you complete these in a set progression to ensure you gain the foundational knowledge later units will draw from. After successfully completing the first ten units, you’ll gain access to the final capstone unit in which you’ll apply and synthesise your learnings and experience gained throughout the course.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for entry into the Master of Business Administration applicants must have one of the following:

  • A completed bachelor degree in any discipline from an Australian university or college, or equivalent, or
  • A completed graduate certificate or graduate diploma from an Australian university or college, or equivalent, or
  • A recognised diploma and two years relevant business experience, or
  • Five years of relevant work or managerial experience

Relevant work experience should include an understanding of how a business operates, which includes a working knowledge of a range of areas such as human resource management, budgeting, project management, financial reporting, process management or other relevant professional experience.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

If you were not born in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa or United States of America, you are required to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements set by the University. Please contact CQUniversity for more information.

Each student will be assessed individually.

International Student
Contact Information
CQUniversity Rockhampton North, 554/700 Yaamba Rd, Norman Gardens QLD 4701, Queensland 4701