Griffith Uni trials video interviews for MBA applicants

131025 video interviewing griffithGriffith University MBA applicants will soon be able to demonstrate their presentation skills with the University trialing an online interviewing platform.

The Kira Talent system is designed for third level education institutes and allows managers to record video questions and send them to candidates by email.

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Candidates reply using video, allowing them to use presentation skills not demonstrated in a written application.

“This project has the potential to help us to connect with the highest quality candidates,” Dr Nick Barter, Director of Griffith MBA, said. “If the trial period is successful, we are confident that video interviews will enable us to identify the best talent with ease.”

“It simulates a real interview experience so we can assess the communication skills of the candidate, their ability to think quickly and to present competently and concisely.

“It is exceptionally important for MBA candidates to display such sharp communication skills.

“Kira can also give us a good idea of the digital competence of a candidate. The modern MBA student is expected to be very comfortable with digital media and associated communication techniques.”

It is the latest initiative by Griffith to enhance its MBA following the launch of the MBA App and MBA for Life earlier this year.

Watch Kira Talent CEO talk about video interviewing

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