VIDEO: MBA Success Podcast With Jessica Kahl

The MBA Success podcast is produced by MBAus and hosted by Ross Barclay and Chris Jacko.

The podcast talks to high-achieving MBAs to understand how their MBA has helped them achieve their career goals, and learn what success means for them. Each episode will explore empowering ideas and actionable insights to unlock the full potential of your MBA and help you realise your career vision.

Episode 12 – Jessica Kahl

Jessica Kahl is the Managing Director of Dream Big Australia and Project Manager at SunWater. She is an award-winning engineer, entrepreneur, diversity advocate, and 2021 Young Australian of the Year Shortlisted Nominee.

She was the 2020 Griffith University QBM Responsible Leadership. 

Since entering the industry, Jessica has combined her creative leadership and engineering capabilities to make a difference to society through her work in master planning, resources, and infrastructure.

Outside of her day job, she is also passionate about increasing engagement and growth in STEAM to empower education, industry, and innovation. Jessica works closely with investment and collaborative partners, educational institutions, and students to guide positive outcomes which integrate STEAM learning and storytelling from industry leaders into engaging Dream Big Events.

Jessica’s impact in the diversity space has led her to be recognised in the QBM’s Top 20 entrepreneurs under 40, in Engineers Australia’s ‘100 Engineers making a Difference’ profile, and listing in “Engineers at the Pinnacle of the Profession”.

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