VIDEO: MBA Success Podcast With Lisa Pascoe (Managing Global Teams)

The MBA Success podcast is produced by MBAus and hosted by Ross Barclay. The podcast talks to high-achieving MBAs to understand how their MBA has helped them achieve their career goals, and learn what success means for them. Each episode will explore empowering ideas and actionable insights to unlock the full potential of your MBA and help you realise your career vision.

EPISODE 14 – Lisa Pascoe

Lisa is an MBA graduate from ECU, class of 2023, who has made remarkable strides in her career post-graduation. Lisa is the Senior Global IT Manager at Fortune 500 company, a global organization where she deftly aligns IT strategy with global corporate objectives.

With over 25 years of experience supporting large corporations across engineering, resources, and government service industries. In her role, Lisa leads with passion and determination, fostering cross-functional teams across continents and pushing boundaries to deliver results that not only meet but exceed strategic business goals.

Whether it’s managing transitions to new working models or nurturing internal talent for progression within the business, Lisa’s leadership style is both innovative and transformational.

One of her recent notable achievements is her strategic approach in reducing corporate spending overheads and negotiating software contracts, which resulted in significant savings for the company. But don’t be mistaken. Lisa’s journey began far from the world of IT.

She started her career as an Office Manager, taking on roles in quality management, procurement, payroll, and HR, and then she later transitioned to accounting before finding her calling in IT and business management. Lisa’s storied career is a testament to her versatility, business acumen, and relentless pursuit of growth.

Her journey is a source of inspiration and lessons for anyone aiming to make a difference in their industries. So, buckle up as we explore Lisa Pascoe’s journey from MBA graduate to a driving force at KBR, her philosophies on leadership, her thoughts on sustainable change, and her insightful experiences from over 25 years in the corporate world.

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