University of New England Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Detailed Information
Business School/ProviderUNE Business School, University of New England
Duration3 years Full-time
6 years Part-time
Course Code/CRICOS
Delivery ModeDelivered online and on-campus at University of New England Armidale campus
CommencementsTrimester 1, 2 and 3
2020 Fees$39,276 Domestic
$30,096 International

University of New England MBA Course Overview

The University of New England MBA allows students to expand their professional skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals. The degree provides students with a comprehensive set of skills in the key fields of decision making, ethics, management, marketing and strategy needed to operate in a globalised economy.

University of New England MBA Course Structure

University of New England MBA must complete 24 to 48 credit points from the following units:

  • MM405 Advanced Organisational Behaviour – 6 points
  • MM431 Marketing Management – 6 points
  • MM521 Processes of Management – 6 points
  • MM523 Strategic Management Research Project – 6 points
  • MM540 Managerial Thinking and Decision Making – 6 points
  • MM551 Business Ethics, CSR and Sustainability – 6 points
  • MM573 Management of Change – 6 points

Students must also complete 6 credit points from the following units:

  • AFM420 Accounting and Finance for Business – 6 points
  • AFM442 Financial Instruments and Markets – 6 points
  • AFM504 Financial Statement Analysis – 6 points
  • AFM522 Small Business Finance – 6 points
  • AFM531 Managerial Finance – 6 points
  • BUS501 Business and Economic Analysis of Chains and Networks – 6 points
  • ECON406 Economics for Management – 6 points
  • QM461 Quantitative Techniques for Management – 6 points

Elective Units

Students must also complete 0 to 24 credit points with at least 6 credit points at 500-level from any unit in the UNE Business School, or any unit from across the University, subject to candidates meeting overall course requirements and prerequisite and timetabling requirements for individual units.

What the University of New England Says

Our University of New England MBA will challenge you to think in new ways and encourage you to apply that learning immediately. From day one, you will be testing your knowledge against the real world, integrating it into your thinking and becoming a more effective and adaptable manager in the process.

At UNE, online study is about flexibility and support that can only be provided by a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults balancing work, family/life and study. We have three teaching periods (trimesters), commencing in February, June and October, giving you greater choice about when and how much you study each year.

All units are delivered through our online learning platform and are developed by skilled educational designers in order to maximise your learning experience. There is the opportunity to attend Optional face-to-face weekend schools across a range of units which will provide you with the opportunity to come together to collaborate with your fellow students, and meet our highly qualified teaching staff in person.

Our units are taught by internationally recognised academics who have a strong track record in research and a wealth of experience in business and industry. Staff are continually commended by graduates for their enthusiastic and proactive engagement with students.

We offer a highly personalised education experience, helping you navigate your studies and to achieve your career aspirations


The University of New England MBA’s major in Human Resource Management is accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Entry Requirements

A candidate shall submit a Statement of Service for their work experience from their employer; and:

(a) hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification in a relevant discipline* and at least two years of full time equivalent relevant work experience, or

(b) hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification in a non-relevant discipline and have at least two years of full time equivalent relevant work experience. or

(c) hold an AQF Level 8 Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma or Honours qualification plus at least two years of full time equivalent relevant work experience, or

(d) hold an AQF Level 9 Masters qualification or above and at least two years of full time equivalent relevant work experience.


Contact Information
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